A Singapore approach to mathematics is #1 in the world year after year due to its rigorous mathematics and challenging opportunities to problem solve. Implementing it can be another story.

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Video Instruction Combined with Professional Development

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Hi, I’m Jessica Kaminski.

As an educator for over 16 years, I love working with both students and educators to make math accessible. First as a classroom teacher, then a consultant and as one of the authors of Primary Mathematics 2022 and Math in Focus 2020, I have worked in classrooms all over the country helping students feel confident in math. In an effort to reach more students worldwide, I have created my Teaching and Learning Video Library that shows how lessons can include hands-on manipulatives, thoughtful questions and an understanding of how mathematics is interconnected.

My meaningful and practical solutions to challenging situations will provide you with with quality activities and video support that can be implemented with a click of a button!